Gender-reveal party blamed for a 10,000-acre wildfire in California

A dream celebration for a couple in South California became one of their worst nightmares. A pyrotechnic at a gender reveal celebration triggered 13,3715 acres in San Bernardino County, Cal Fire reported on Twitter.

“Those responsible for starting fires due to negligence or illegal activity can be held financially and criminally responsible.” Cal Fire Department

The El Dorado Fire has caused more than 3,000 to flee their homes and remains 5 percent contaminant. Sadly this is not the first time this kind of situation occurs, as many recall back in 2017, an off- duty US Border Patrol agent shot a rifle at a target packed with an explosive as part of a gender reveal that ignited the Sawmill fire in Arizona.

Courtesy of AFP

The heat waves L.A. is facing does not help the current situation. According to the National Weather Service, Los Angeles has set record temperatures with Woodland Hills registering 121 degrees last Sunday afternoon. The fire season so far has left 1.6 million acres destroyed.

CNN reported that the woman responsible for popularizing the gender reveal parties took over her Facebook to condemn them by saying, “Stop having these stupid parties. For the love of God, stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kid’s penis. No one cares but you.

There is a lack of empathy and conscience from families that are not only violating restrictions during this fire season but are also throwing a party during a pandemic without proper safety measures. Firefighters and healthcare workers should not be risking their lives, while many citizens continue to live their lives regularly without taking precautions.

Oh Boy! there is still a lot to do to be better humans and protect our planet from our actions.

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