A second wave of COVID cases hits Southern California with unprecedented numbers

The continuous increase in covid cases turned the alarms for Southern California residents who follow strict measures to decrease the spread of the virus. The L.A. Times reported that the ICU capacity dropped to 0%.

The severity of this second wave forced Governor Newsom to restrict indoor and outdoor dining and reinforce the order of maintaining distance. Newsom used his Twitter account to send a reminder of the importance of wearing a mask.

L.A. county is on the verge of becoming the next epicenter of COVID-19 during the holidays as people continue to gather to celebrate. ABC7 informed that a record number of 201 new daily infections were reported and that case numbers are projected to grow.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti expressed to AB7 that if the current trends continue for the next three to five weeks, the county’s health system will “have nothing left.” He also said a “systemwide crisis” may need to be declared and a countywide emergency order could be issued if hospitals remain inundated with patients.

To counteract the impact of this second wave of infections, Governor Newsom announced in a TikTok video the arrival of 393,000 doses of the COVID19 Pfizer vaccine.

According to Governor Newsom, this is excellent news for healthcare workers and long-term residents who will be the first to have access to the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the vaccine becomes available for most citizens. The Los Angeles County continues to spread awareness of the importance of wearing a mask, the constant wash of hands, and keeping distance, especially in public spaces.

Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for Coronavirus

Cristiano Ronaldo test positive for COVID 19 while with his country’s national soccer team. The Portuguese soccer federation announced on Tuesday that the soccer superstar was doing well and asymptomatic.

Ronaldo shared a photograph of himself with the rest of the team having dinner without a mask or social distancing.

Ronaldo, known for being one of the most prolific goal scorers in the sport’s history, joins the lists of high-profile athletes that have contracted the virus. The other sports icons who have tested positive include NFL players Stephon Gilmore and Cam Newton, and Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic.

The World Health Organization said Tuesday there were more than 700,000 new COVID-19 cases reported in Europe last week, a jump of 34% from the previous week. Britain, France, Russia, and Spain accounted for more than half of the new infections.

The soccer federations are trying to recover all the financial loss from the past months with different world leagues’ return. Most world soccer leagues have opted for playing games without an audience to avoid the spread of the virus.

Ronaldo will miss his country’s next Nations League game against Sweden on Wednesday and the Juventus’ upcoming matches. His fans look forward to seeing him back in the field soon.

Gender-reveal party blamed for a 10,000-acre wildfire in California

A dream celebration for a couple in South California became one of their worst nightmares. A pyrotechnic at a gender reveal celebration triggered 13,3715 acres in San Bernardino County, Cal Fire reported on Twitter.

“Those responsible for starting fires due to negligence or illegal activity can be held financially and criminally responsible.” Cal Fire Department

The El Dorado Fire has caused more than 3,000 to flee their homes and remains 5 percent contaminant. Sadly this is not the first time this kind of situation occurs, as many recall back in 2017, an off- duty US Border Patrol agent shot a rifle at a target packed with an explosive as part of a gender reveal that ignited the Sawmill fire in Arizona.

Courtesy of AFP

The heat waves L.A. is facing does not help the current situation. According to the National Weather Service, Los Angeles has set record temperatures with Woodland Hills registering 121 degrees last Sunday afternoon. The fire season so far has left 1.6 million acres destroyed.

CNN reported that the woman responsible for popularizing the gender reveal parties took over her Facebook to condemn them by saying, “Stop having these stupid parties. For the love of God, stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kid’s penis. No one cares but you.

There is a lack of empathy and conscience from families that are not only violating restrictions during this fire season but are also throwing a party during a pandemic without proper safety measures. Firefighters and healthcare workers should not be risking their lives, while many citizens continue to live their lives regularly without taking precautions.

Oh Boy! there is still a lot to do to be better humans and protect our planet from our actions.

Los Angeles’ homelessness crisis

If you live in L.A., you know that you’ll find a homeless person almost in every street in this big city. California has one of the most privileged weather in the world, and that is one of the main reasons why many people end up moving to this state. Among those who moved to pursue their Hollywood dream are also those who live on the streets because they fled the east, north, and south cold temperatures. The L.A. Times reports that there are about 59,000 homeless in the county. Every homeless person is exposed to violence and different illnesses; however, these two threats affect the female population more than men. They are a perfect target for sexual predators.

Business owners consider this problematic a threat to their businesses. From the trash left in front of their restaurants to people urinating in their properties are some of their claims.
A manufacturing owner in Oceanside expresses in this ABC10 video his concerns about the issue.

L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti has responded to this crisis with the creations of new shelters and assistance programs that could not only provide the homeless with a place to stay and eat but rehabilitate.

The escalation of the problem is attributed to different reasons, one of the is express in this “Turning point USA” video in which they blamed the homeless crisis on socialism.