A second wave of COVID cases hits Southern California with unprecedented numbers

The continuous increase in covid cases turned the alarms for Southern California residents who follow strict measures to decrease the spread of the virus. The L.A. Times reported that the ICU capacity dropped to 0%.

The severity of this second wave forced Governor Newsom to restrict indoor and outdoor dining and reinforce the order of maintaining distance. Newsom used his Twitter account to send a reminder of the importance of wearing a mask.

L.A. county is on the verge of becoming the next epicenter of COVID-19 during the holidays as people continue to gather to celebrate. ABC7 informed that a record number of 201 new daily infections were reported and that case numbers are projected to grow.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti expressed to AB7 that if the current trends continue for the next three to five weeks, the county’s health system will “have nothing left.” He also said a “systemwide crisis” may need to be declared and a countywide emergency order could be issued if hospitals remain inundated with patients.

To counteract the impact of this second wave of infections, Governor Newsom announced in a TikTok video the arrival of 393,000 doses of the COVID19 Pfizer vaccine.

According to Governor Newsom, this is excellent news for healthcare workers and long-term residents who will be the first to have access to the vaccine.

Meanwhile, the vaccine becomes available for most citizens. The Los Angeles County continues to spread awareness of the importance of wearing a mask, the constant wash of hands, and keeping distance, especially in public spaces.